January 29, 2020

What Went Right Today?

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Occasionally, someone will accuse me of being overly optimistic. However, this isn't really true. I know there are emormous problems to deal with, hardships and things that go wrong. Like many of you, I'm doing what I can to help. I also ecperience hassles, difficult people, things not working out as I had hoped, issues, disputes and so forth. But I also understand that the problems pale in comparison to the number of things that go right.

When you think about "news", you're usually thinking about bad news. I once overheard a gentleman who works in a newsroom say, "It isn't news unless it's bad news". There are certainly exceptions, but generally speaking, he's correct. You'd never read the headline, "It was an amazing day-10,000 planes arrived safe, without incident, at their destications." Instead, the headline will always be about the one accident that did occur.

We tend to treat our personal life stories in much the same way. We may have one hundred little things going on in our lives that we completely take for granted, even though they are a blessing. But what we focus on and talk about with others are the one or two irritating things that are happening.

My goal isn't to turn anyone into a Pollyanna or an unrealistically happy person. It's simply to remind people that, hey, we're pretty darn lucky to be here and to have so many things going smoothly. Spending a little time calculating the number of things that go right is a simple but powerful way to reactivate our sense of wonder and gratitude.

"Energy flows where attention goes!"


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hmmmm...your absolutely right! I, too need to think differently as well! Thanks for reminding me!

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