February 27, 2020

Wertz Warriors to make annual local stops.


NORTHERN MICHIGAN— The Wertz Warriors plan to make local stops for the annual Snowmobile Endurance ride to collect donations for the Winter Special Olympics Michigan games. 

The warriors will kick off their ride on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 2 and will arrive at Narski’s Market in Alger at 9:30 a.m. Next, they will head to the American Legion in Skidway Lake where there will be coffee and doughnuts, and by 1:45 p.m., they will be at T&C Sports Lounge in Au Gres. 

“We will be coming into Au Gres’ T&C Sports Lounge and Hanks Sunday afternoon, then right into West Branch,” said Wertz Warrior member Joe Gudobba. 

The warriors will end Sunday evening with a dinner at the Quality Inn in West Branch. Monday morning, they will have breakfast at the Masonic Temple and go to the Wagon Wheel where the presentation of the check will take place. Then they will hit Clear Lake Bar and West Branch Eagles before heading off to Harrison. 

Gudobba said in past years, they have made it a goal to raise $285,000, but this year they are raising the goal to $300,000. 

“We are hoping to up it a little bit each year,” said Gudobba.  

Gudobba said the weather hasn’t always held up for them in previous years. One year, the temperature was in the negatives and the year before there was no snow at all. 

“If the snow sticks around here, we will be sledding,” said Gudobba. “We have about 45 guys signed up on sleds this year.” 


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