January 29, 2020

Twining Baptist Church celebrates 121 years


TWINING— Twining Baptist Church celebrated their 121st anniversary on Nov. 1. The original Bible from 1898 was presented to the church on this date one hundred twenty-one years ago,.

The church celebrated the impressive milestone with cake and ice cream after the Sunday service.

Throughout the church one hundred twenty-one years, there have been 3 different buildings. The original building, as shown in the photo above, was built in 1898. To make it bigger, another section was added in 1932, tripling it in size. Though the building grew in size, this newer addition did not contain indoor bathrooms, so outhouses were used.

When it was decided that a new building would be built in 1964, the original was torn down and rebuilt. Church services are still held in this1964 building.

Pastor Dave Evans of Twining Baptist has been the pastor at the church since 2014. Church member, Janis Champagne, remembers when they went sixteen months without a pastor and suddenly a note appeared, taped to the church door, saying, “I can help”.

“I was retiring from my previous job and I went to a prayer service at Whittemore Baptist and they said Twining needed a pastor,” Evans said. “There were no mailboxes, so I taped a note to the door asking if they could use some help with preaching.” Evans had been an evangelist in the past, and thought he could help out until they found a pastor.

“They asked if I could come for a month in 2014, and I've been here ever since,” Evans said.

Since Pastor Evans’ arrival, the church grew from twenty people attending, to now over one hundred.

“We are a big outreach church,” said Evans, “We’ve been in the Au Gres memorial parade for the last 4 years. Our floats finished first two times and second two times. We also offer vacation bible school every summer.”

One hundred twenty-one years later, Twining Baptist Church remains active in the community and continues to spread their message.


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