August 20, 2019

Tire cleanup to return in new location


STANDISH — The Arenac Conservation District will once again be holding its biannual tire recycling day Saturday, May 18, when residents will be able to turn in unwanted truck, semi or tractor tires.

Unlike past events, the drop-off will be held at the road commission yard next to Vantage Plastics on M-61.

Also new to the event, those interested in turning in tires can register online at the conservation district website, conservation district Administrator Dawn Hergott said.

“It’s mostly so we know how many tires we are going to get,” Hergott said. “They don’t pay for them but they just send us a quick note saying who they are, where they are from and how many tires they have, and then we can keep our list updated.”

She explained that the program started back in 2010, and now the twice-annual tire drop-off event typically accumulates around two trailers’ worth of tires that were previously scattered around the county’s ditches, open fields and residential properties.

Tires that are turned in will be brought to Environmental Rubber Recycling in Flint, Hergott said.

The first event saw the collection of a little less than a trailer’s worth of tires, Hergott said, and looking back on the program’s beginnings, she added that she didn’t think the cleanup would have carried on all these years.

“It’s amazing that there are still that many tires coming in,” Hergott said. “Over the years, I think more people hear about it, they have a ton of tires and it can be expensive to take them to an auto store or something because they have to charge full price. It helps a lot, especially if they have quite a few tires.”

In a typical collection day, the district receives a variety of tires ranging from car tires to truck, tractor and even bicycle tires, Hergott said.

The costs are $1 per passenger tire, $6 per semi tire, $15 per tractor tire and any tire with a rim will cost an additional $1. Bike or motorcycle tires are also permitted and cost $1.

The event goes from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and those interested can register prior to the event at arenac

Anyone interested in learning more about the tire cleanup or volunteering can contact Hergott at 989-846-4565 ext. 5.


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