Standish-Sterling student signs to play softball at Alma College


STANDISH— Standish-Sterling Central senior Lakin Fryzel signed to play softball at Alma College Feb. 20. 

According to Fryzel’s coach, Rich Sullivan, she has played on varsity since her freshman year of high school and was a two-year captain. 

Fryzel, who is a pitcher, said she found her love for softball when she was 10 years old. She enjoys every aspect of the game and could never get enough of it. She gained many friendships and memories from it, her proudest one being when she made it to the semi-finals the previous year at Michigan State University. 

When searching for a college softball program, Fryzel said she was looking for one that held the friendliness of players and coaches. Once a recruiting coach saw her play, he invited her to a few camps at Alma and she immediately knew it was the place for her. 

“It felt like home every time I went there,” Fryzel said. “I really liked how small it was and how friendly everyone is. Alma felt like the best fit for me.” 

 Fryzel plans to study sports medicine at Alma to help others recover from their injuries. She plans on giving 110 percent while playing for Alma on and off the field while always holding a positive attitude. 

Coach Sullivan said Fryzel earned the Tri-Valley all conference as a sophomore and junior, won all-district, all-regional, and all-state her sophomore and junior seasons, landed a couple school records, had 24 single-season wins, and 250 single-season strikeouts.

Sullivan said he coached both Fryzel and her current and future Alma teammate, Laiken Ex, since they were nine years old and they both are a true backbone to the program.


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