August 21, 2019

SSC powerlifter earns bronze medal in international tournament


STANDISH — Standish-Sterling Central junior Reese Worden recently participated in the World Bench Press Championships in Tokyo, Japan, where he took the bronze medal representing the United States and the SSC powerlifting team.

While this was Worden’s first trip outside of the country, it was not the first time his pursuit of powerlifting has taken him outside the state.

Worden has previously competed at the national level, traveling to Alexandria, La., and Appleton, Wis., where he claimed a second-place title and was recognized as “best lifter,” respectively.

All and all, Worden is a four-time state champion and two-time national winner, holds a number of state records and now is an international bronze-medal winner.

He explained that he started lifting when he was in seventh grade as a means to prepare for football season, and since then it has given him the opportunity to travel to places he couldn’t imagine, like Tokyo, Japan.

“Never in a million years did I think I would be able to do that,” Worden said. “I’m so thankful and I'm glad that I've gotten these opportunities. It is amazing.”

In a typical competition, lifters are judged on their ability and the amount of weight they can handle while performing squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

Worden’s personal records for the three categories are 585 pounds in squats, 325 pounds in bench press and 585 pounds in the deadlift.

While the high school junior has already accumulated a number of achievements, he said he will continue to work and compete until he achieves his ultimate goal.

“Just to be the best lifter I can be,” Worden said. “That’s just really what it comes down to, pushing myself every day to be better.”

Up next on the horizon for Worden is a trip to Costa Rica to compete in the North American Powerlifting Federation regional championship.

While Worden is the one training and pumping iron, he said he couldn’t have achieved anything without the support he receives from family, friends and the Standish-Sterling community.

“I most importantly would like to thank my father for being my coach,” Worden said. “I wouldn’t be able to do anything without him. I also wouldn’t be able to do anything without my family, this community pushing me on and all these guys in the weight room right now pushing me every day.”

Worden’s father and SSC powerlifting coach Rod Worden, who has worked with his son and accompanied him to his tournaments, said he couldn’t be prouder of his son.

“My wife and I are extremely proud of all of his hard work and the man he has become,” Worden’s father said.


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