February 27, 2020

Shoreline erosion discussed at County Commissioners meeting


The issue of shoreline erosion in Arenac County and whether or not the county could send a resolution or declaration to the governor to request action was discussed at the Arenac board of commissioners meeting Jan. 28.

“We would declare an emergency if there were actually roads going under water. We don’t want to take action too soon because it wouldn’t actually help them,” said commissioner Adam Kroczaleski. “Some of the stories I have heard from homeowners are that waves are coming over their seawalls, eroding them and washing them away and then once the seawalls are gone the water is coming onto the shore splashing the houses and causing damage to the house. That is not considered a flood,” said Arenac County Emergency Management director Ed Rohn.

Rohn said for insurance to consider it a flood you would have to have standing water in the house.

The board concluded that it is too early to take action but will monitor the situation and may take action in the future.

During public comment Twining resident Nicky Brownstone wanted to be put on the board agenda to discuss declaring Arenac County  a Second Amendment Sanctuary County. This resolution would impede the enforcement of certain gun control measures in the county.

The board agreed to put them on the agenda for the Feb 25 meeting.

Dave Roberts of Cranberry Drive in Moffat Township in Alger told the board that local leadership has encouraged a 55-mile per hour speed limit on his road and he believed it should be lower because it is a residential area.

“It’s a safety issue rather than a recreational issue. I believe safety is the number one priority,” he said.

Commissioner Adam Kroczaleski said they would discuss sending a letter to the state senators representing the area but said a letter from several property owners would be more impactful and told him to contact representative Wentworth requesting a speed study. Chairman Harold Woolhiser told him to contact the township planning board and that they could recommend action to the township board.

The board also made a motion to approve the MSU-E agreement that high speed internet service in the office space will be paid by MSU extension.

In another motion, Robert Luce was appointed to Mid-State Health Network board substance abuse representing the public at large.

Also on the agenda was a motion to make seven employees whole who were given reduced Paid Time Off because a glitch in the system that has been corrected. These employees gained PTO hours when the county’s audit was conducted. The total payout for them was $5,598.53. An eighth employee who was listed separately was voted to be paid out one year from when the audit was done and the mistake was discovered because a county rule that reimbursements can only go back one year.

The board also voted to move the March meeting dates to the Mar. 17 and Mar. 31 because of the primary election on the Mar. 10.


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