February 27, 2020

Second dispensary to open in Omer


OMER— A second marijuana dispensary will be opening in Omer in 2020. A company called Vault has already begun remodeling the old road commission building on 116 Bridge St. 

According to the president of Vault, the new company has a Class C license, which means they can grow up to 1,500 plants with it. The building will be a state of the art facility with the interior and exterior being fully remodeled. The building sits on 5.7 acres of land which they plan to take advantage of and expand in the future. 

The provisioning center will hold a medical and recreational license and should open within the year, said the president. 

Vault bought the old road commission building around a year and a half ago and plans to open up more facilities around Michigan as well. According to the president, Vault has facilities going up in Grand Rapids and Big Rapids and is working on three to five sites in the Detroit area. Omer, however, will be Vault’s first facility to open. 

According to the president, Vault will be keeping their prices low. “We are not in this for the money,” he said. “We are doing this for the people.” 

Vault will be in good company along with Omer’s first opened dispensary, Omer Lighthouse. Omer Lighthouse opened in February of 2019 and is currently readying to make the dispensary recreational.

“Our license expired in December for medical,” said Omer Lighthouse owner Deanna Kibbe-Virgin. “We changed our license to microbusiness which allows those 21 and over to purchase cannabis products.” Kibbe-Virgin hopes that the new license will be in effect by April or May. This would make the dispensary purely recreational, meaning having a medical card is not required and anyone over 21 can purchase the products. 

The microbusiness license also allows them to grow and process their own cannabis though they cannot sell to any other establishments.

Currently, the Lighthouse is not selling cannabis but hopes to be selling it again soon. “Right now, we are selling CBD oil and hydro products,” said Kibbe-Virgin. “We are turning into a smoke shop too, selling glass vape products and bongs as well.”

As previously reported, the Omer City Council adopted an ordinance back in May authorizing recreational marijuana establishments and increasing the number of facilities allowed within the city. As of right now, the limit for retail and microbusiness permits in Omer is two. 



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