Santa Claus is coming to….Standish


STANDISH— The Standish Historical Depot is bringing the Santa parade back for a second year. On Nov. 29, Santa will ride into town on a fire engine during the parade that starts near Lovett Lane and ends at the Depot for pictures and cookies.

Wendy Hillman, event coordinator, said, “I was thrilled last year by the amount of people that showed up. We thought we would have 5 entries maybe 10, but we ended up having twenty-five.”

Hillman said the downtown was packed for their first year and there were probably three hundred children coming to see Santa.

“It was wonderful,” she said, “the whole event was beyond what we expected for our first year.”

Hillman hopes to continue this new tradition. After the success of the first parade, there is already a big line up for the second.

“We have big semis coming, wreckers, four by fours, a group of mud boggers, I think there’s about 13 of those coming. So there’s already a lot of interest. Several floats, several groups that are walking. Hopefully, if the weather holds, we’ll have a couple of tractors or at least a hay wagon or two to pull people,” Hillman said.

They only ask that there be no other live Santas on the floats or walking around and that no candy is thrown. “We are worried about children in the road and we don’t want anyone getting hurt,” Hillman said.

After the parade, Santa will be at the Depot for photos. “We have someone from Rite Aid taking pictures,” said Hillman. Parents will receive a card to redeem at Rite Aid for a free photo and additional photos can be purchased if desired. Cookies and hot chocolate will also be available.

To register a float, visit the Standish Historical Depot Facebook page, email, or call the Depot at 989-718-3021.

“Submissions end at 5:00 p.m. when we are lining up,” Hillman said, “If people want to just show up and not pre register, that is fine.”

“It was a blast last year. If it’s even a smidge better than last year, it will be wonderful,” said Hillman.


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