Ogemaw Heights’ Jere Getzinger signs with EMU


WEST BRANCH— Ogemaw Heights football coach Jack Vliet knew Jere Getzinger was a rare football talent at a young age.

“When he started coming out to the high school weight room as a seventh grader I knew he was something special and that if he would believe in himself and what he can do there is no telling where he can end up,” Vliet said.

Getzinger signed a letter of intent to play football for Eastern Michigan University during National Early Signing Day Dec.18.

Getzinger was recruited by several schools and was a first team all-state selection as well as the Golden Helmet Class B player of the year for the Bay City area. He led the Ogemaw Heights team to an 8-3 record and a trip to the playoffs in 2019.

He started playing football in the fourth grade and that is when he fell in love with the sport.

“I like how physical the sport is and how each player needs to work together as a team to win,” he said.

Although he excelled early on, it wasn’t until high school when he attracted the attention of college scouts.

“I started to realize I had talent throughout middle school but didn’t really get on the radar until my sophomore year,” he said.

Ogemaw Heights varsity football coach Chad Miller spoke highly of Getzinger’s talent and work ethic.

“He was very good at playing hard every play,” Miller said.

“Great size. Good motor,” Miller said of Getzinger’s attributes. “When we taught techniques he understood the nuances well.” “I think he will contribute pretty darn early in his career.”

Ogemaw Heights teacher and former varsity baseball coach Chris Powley said, “Jere is a great athlete, it doesn’t matter what the sport is, he would excel in whatever he attempts to do. I had the pleasure of coaching Jere in baseball as I brought him up as a sophomore mid-season. Most people that are average athletes will struggle in the face of adversity. Great athletes strive in the face of adversity. Great athletes strive for those opportunities. Thrown into a line-up as a starter, playing at a much higher level, new teammates, and having some people not believe in you are just some of the adversity that he had to deal with as a sophomore. He rose to the occasion and had a single in the 13th inning to win one of the greatest district ballgames that I have ever been associated with. Great players do great things. Jere is a great player. I also have had the opportunity to have Jere in class where he excels and has fun doing it. He is a great thinker always having pertinent ideas. He is a very caring person as well. Always looking out for others. Eastern Michigan University and the football program is fortunate to get a great student-athlete in Jere Getzinger.”

“I have never had an athlete just pick up a shot or disc and make it look as easy as Jere does,” said OHHS track coach Jacki Jamison. “Not only that, he’s a good person. I’ve witnessed his kindness with others when no one was looking. He’s impressed me not only as an athlete, but as a person.”

Eastern Michigan tight ends coach Rob Reeves pointed to more than his on-field ability when assessing his value as a recruit.

“The big thing is we’re not only trying to find great athletes but players with good character too,” Reeves said. “He’s a great student. His character speaks volumes. We feel like we are getting a really good leader.”

Getzinger said he felt Eastern was a good fit for him.

“I was looking for a school who wanted me and had a great family feel. And that’s why I chose Eastern,” he said.

He also was quick to thank others who have helped him out along the way.

“Coach Vliet has always pushed me to become the best football player I could be. And wanted the best out of me since I met him in seventh grade,” he said.


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