August 20, 2019

Give Local Bay a resounding success for courthouse, depot


ARENAC COUNTY — The two Arenac County nonprofit organizations that participated in the Bay Area Community Foundation’s 24-hour Give Local Bay fundraiser could not have asked for a stronger show of support from the community.

The Arenac County Historical Society, fundraising for Ye Olde Courthouse in Omer, and the Friends of the Arenac Heritage Route Authority, fundraising for the Standish Historical Depot, each received more donations than any of the 44 Bay County organizations that participated.

The historical society came in first at $9,335, garnering more than twice the amount of the second-place heritage route authority, which received $4,125.

“We’re thrilled with our totals,” said Brenda Matt, a member of both organizations. “We’re amazed actually with what we got, how generous everyone was, how successful.”

The courthouse received donations from a total of 79 supporters, and the depot had 32.

“The courthouse has quite an extensive mailing list and email list — many, many supporters,” Matt said.

The Give Local Bay fundraiser brought in more than $50,000, and based on what percentage of that total the courthouse and depot received, they were also granted a piece of the community foundation’s $25,000 incentive pool.

The courthouse received a little more than 17.5 percent of all donations, giving it $4,387.37 from the incentive pool. This leaves it with a total of more than $13,700 from the fundraiser.

The depot received about 8.2 percent of donations, leaving it with a $2,054.81 incentive piece. On top of that, the depot also received the foundation’s Night Owl prize of $250, for the most donations given between 10 and 11:55 p.m. In total, the depot received more than $6,400.

The Bay Area Community Foundation was also pleased with the outcome of the fundraiser.

“I am amazed at our community’s incredible generosity and support for our nonprofits,” President and CEO Diane Fong said in a press release. “This is truly a celebration for the hard work they do day in and day out.”

Matt said the generous donations, which will be placed in the two organizations’ endowment funds, will allow them to look to the future.

“All the people who started these (organizations) and are active won’t be around forever,” she said. “We want to make sure these are supported for the future, and that’s what these funds will provide.”


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