August 19, 2019

Children's Christmas Party to return to Alger


ALGER — Just in time for the holiday season, Alger Parks and Rec will be putting on the annual Children's Christmas Party Saturday, Dec. 8, which will feature snacks, craft activities and an opportunity to chat with Santa Claus.

The event will be held at the Forest Lake Clubhouse on Bobcat Trail and will go from 1-2:30 p.m.

Anyone from the surrounding area, not just Alger or Forest Lake, is welcome to join in on the fun and the event is free of charge, parks and rec Chairwoman Marion Chard said.

Chard estimated the event usually sees anywhere from 40-80 kids in attendance.

“I think it’s just very important that the kids have something to look forward to every year and I know the parents really appreciate it,” Chard said. “It’s just something we do out of the generosity of our hearts.”

While the parks and rec committee uses some of its own funds to put on the event, Chard said the Children’s Christmas Party heavily relies on generous donations from the community that are either monetary or simply someone providing cookies or cupcakes for the kids.

Chard said when Alger Parks and Rec was established in November 2011, one of its primary goals was to provide family-oriented events for the community.

She explained that the organization started with an Easter event, and then eventually incorporated the Christmas party, a Music in the Park summer event and a Halloween trunk or treat.

Alger Parks and Rec also organizes T-ball, baseball and softball programs for children in the area.

“Every year, we hope that we can do a little bit more for the community and get even more children involved,” Chard said.

For more information regarding the Children’s Christmas Party, or any other event put on by Alger Parks and Rec, check out its website at or visit its Facebook page.


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