January 29, 2020

AuGres Car Cruise


The AuGres Cruisers Car Club held is annual car cruise, Saturday, July 24. The cruise traveled around AuGres ending at the Riverfront Park.


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the cruise was awesome other than the two people that was injured. but see theres a problem. afterwards is the tailgate party where you can look and the cars in the parking lot. Now all my years of going there in never once had to pay to look at a car so why ae they doing that now? Last time I knew it was a free family event and the only fee was to get into the pavilion to dance and drink etc. I believe its wrong to charge somebody to look at the cars. Its just as stupid as a grocery store charging you to shop. come on people be real. thats ruining alot peoples enjoyment and fun. If they are gonna do that then should charge the people that want to do burnouts and flamethrowers. Oh and charging the firemen. crazy they get stuck out there to block traffic and they have to pay? Again thats wrong. some one is being awefully greedy and unfair to people. We didnt sit outs butts for an hour just to pay some greedy man 5 dollars to walk around. The fair doesn't ever do that what the heck? I will be darned if I'm paying anyone to go to a car show that is my home town that I've gone to everytime and never once paid some rediculous fee.

Sunday, July 25, 2010 | Report this

the car show took alot away from everyone , we had 18 campers and they expect us to pay ,. very unfair. these people bring there car for show and have alot of money in these cars and want people to see them .they make money on entry fees and all those camping spots , sounds as if the city of augres is greedy. i think they spoided it for them self, heard cars weren't coming back and alot of campers.i thought it was a family thing in the past. a family with children could not afford the price.we didn't set around in the rain most of the week - end and have this throwed at all of us.i can see paying for dancing and bar because its expensive but the others no .all i know i camp alot in that park because augres is a nice town but won't be back and i hope and pray others do the same.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | Report this

The car club rents the pavilion this is not a city sponsored event. The club built and donated a 24 x 32 pavilion to the city this year. $3000.00 was donated to the AGHS Band program last year at homecoming. $1500.00 for Burnout show. etc. etc hundreds of personal hours spent for not a dime and little praise so you go ahead and gripe and sit on your butts and watch for an hour or so while we do the work and you can complain. We need help and support. Also kind of amazed there is not one letter of support up here. makes me think yep makes me think.And for the 2 gutless ones I will give my name. This was not endorsed by the Au Gres Cruiser's Car Club.

Dick Hill , AuGres

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | Report this

yes maybe you did , but you did that for years correct , without charging . so why now your greedy.thats what it really is. the city of augres screwed alot of the pubic , campers and car owners. just admit it .tell augres to stop it's whining after screwing the people . if i was augres i 'd keep my mouth shut .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | Report this

i reaslly should be gutless and i don't have to give my name i'm talking the pubic . car owners' thats speaking out for everyone ,to many names. you's just can't take the guilt.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | Report this

what ever your exscuse, there should have never been a change and but rumor you dont pay for the pavilion. and still it was always free and if there was a stupid reason to have to pay to just look at cars and another payment to go in the pavilion. im from around here and i gotta agree you are screwing the public and FYI, NOT EVERYONE HAS MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! youve become scam artist and selfish why do you people insist on changing things. everthing is about money these days. it people like you that make had for others

Friday, July 30, 2010 | Report this

oh buy the way the blue van with the fire light on is me directing traffic so wheres my money i had to ake time outa my day to do that and deal with crabby people what did you do? oh wait i know you scammed everyone!

Friday, July 30, 2010 | Report this

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