January 23, 2020

Au Gres-Sims students participate in new RCA house system.


AU GRES— Au Gres-Sims middle school students are participating in the Ron Clark Academy House System to help sustain a positive school environment. Beginning this year, each marking period will have a champion team that receives a reward for having the most tokens.

After tallying up all the tokens, this years first marking period champions were Team Reveur, who were all rewarded with an afternoon of bowling at Main Street Lanes.

Kevin Beardsley, leader of team Reveur, said, “We had a terrific time, our students enjoyed pizza, soda and 3 games of bowling. We are very thankful to Main Street Lanes for their hospitality and generosity!”

The idea behind RCA is to keep the students motivated in their school work and maintaining a positive attitude to create a better culture at school.

The middle school is split up into four houses, Reveur, Altruismo, Amistad, and Isibindi. Much like Harry Potter, the students are divided into these groups based on the personalities that best fit the description of that house. Reveur’s are the “dreamers”, Altruismo are “the givers,” Amistad means “friendship,” and Isibindi means “courage.”

The houses compete in various tournaments such as free-throw contests, inertia ball, and kick ball. They also compete for improvement on the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) testing, and honor roll.

Tokens can also be earned for having positive behavior. “Things like helping others, picking up classrooms or hallways, straightening classrooms, helping staff members is rewarded with tokens as well, along with achievement on assignments and tests,” said Beardsley.

“We have noticed more positive behavior and fewer absences, said Beardsley. “We’re still analyzing data to see if the program is impacting testing scores or grades. It is our first year so we can't be certain, but I know it hasn't hurt. As a teacher, I can tell you it has improved our culture in the middle school significantly.”


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