January 22, 2020

Au Gres-Sims football has twin power


Au GRES — The Au Gres-Sims High School football team currently stands undefeated in the season, having won all of its games so far by margins of at least 38 points.
Success like this might be attributed to the strong bond between teammates that most coaches strive for, similar to a family or even a brotherhood. But for the Wolverines, it truly is brotherly love, with three sets of twins within their roster.
The senior twins, Zander and Fletcher Forton, Ryan and Bradly Schwiderson, and Gabe and Isaac Beardsley, have all grown up and played sports together in the area.
People have always pointed out to them that it’s odd to have three sets of twins in one grade. “There must be something in the water,” is a recurring joke the twins have heard throughout their lives. But to them, the coincidence has always seemed normal, having grown up and become good friends with the members of their “twin group.”
“To us, it was normal,” Ryan Schwiderson said. “This is just our group that we have had and it has always been. I guess we didn't realized how rare twins are.”
Having a twin brother as a teammate has certain advantages, the boys said. During practice, it helps them better understand and improve their technique by watching their twin, while also having a drill partner who is similar in size and athletic ability.
On the other hand, having a twin means they have to share a lot of things, they said, adding that it also makes everything a competition between siblings. They said it is common to be referred to by their counterpart’s name in class and practices. However, Gabe Beardsley pointed out the negative aspects aren't as bad compared to the benefits.
“Isaac has always been my best friend,” Gabe Beardsley said. “It was just Isaac and I growing up together, so we’ve always just gotten along.”
Despite not being familiar with either of the “Parent Trap” films, the Forton brothers, the only identical pair, admitted to switching places once in elementary school in an effort to confuse their teacher.
The other twins said since they aren’t identical, they could never partake in any twin hijinx.
“Twins are superior,” Zander Forton said.
The Wolverines are fresh off of a 50-12 victory, their narrowest score difference so far, against the Hillman Tigers, a team that knocked them out of playoffs last year.
For their last year of high school football, the players said they wanted to take a playoff win since their school has yet to do so. After achieving that goal, they hope to make it all the way to the state championship game.
The Wolverines are preparing for their homecoming game against the Onaway Cardinals on home turf, this Friday, Sept. 21.


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