January 28, 2020

AGS count day reveals continued stable enrollment


AU GRES — There were 391 students at Au Gres-Sims Community Schools according to this year’s fall count.

This is a drop from 399 students as of last year’s fall count, though Au Gres-Sims Superintendent Jeff Collier said the school has seen six more students enrolled since the count.

“We’ve stayed really stable,” Collier said. “We’ve had move-ins and kids coming in from out of state.”

Au Gres-Sims is receiving $8,111 in per-pupil foundation allowance from the state this year. Collier said the fall count determines 90 percent of its annual per-pupil allowance, while the spring count determines the remaining 10 percent.

“That kind of hurts us as a district because we, for whatever reason, tend to gain students throughout the year,” Collier said. “Most school districts tend to lose students from fall to spring, but we tend to get more.”

Collier said the jump in student count last year from 399 in the fall to 412 in the spring resulted in a noticeable gap in potential funding.

“Last year that represented almost $100,000 in student aid loss,” Collier said, adding that the per-pupil allowance last year was $7,800 per student.

Overall, Collier said he is pleased with the consistency of enrollment in the school district. He said the number of students has remained within the 390-420 range over the past eight years.

“In the last eight years we have been very stable,” Collier said. “That’s a really strong indicator for us right now. We’ve been able to stabilize our enrollment over the last seven years and we’re very pleased with that.”

Collier said he feels the consistency of enrollment is a strong indicator of the quality of the district.

“I’m just really pleased to see that we’re keeping students here,” Collier said. “I think it’s really indicative of students and parents choosing to attend the really strong district that we have.”


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