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From the Desk ofFree Access

Robert North, Standish Township Supervisor

I can begin with where we are now. The Whites Beach Water and Sewer project is the biggest thing the Township Board is working on now. It has taken up so much of my time over the last couple of years. It started with the health department testing the water in the channels in the white’s beach area. They also tested the water on the Bay Shore.

The level of contaminants was high enough to make it a concern to our residents. The decision was made to be proactive and research a solution that would be as economical for the residents as possible. We worked with Rural Development and we were able to secure a grant for 75% of the cost of the project. Then we spent a large amount of time on the contract with the Chippewa Indian Tribe to make sure it was acceptable to both parties. From there, we began the quoting process. Once a contractor was chosen the project was ready to begin.

If you have been down White’s Beach road you can see the contractor is well under way. The estimated completion date is August 2022. I am very excited about the residents having clean water and no more septic tank issues.

I would say that 95% of the residents are very happy. The few that are not more than likely will change their minds when the project is done. Of course we have a couple of residents that complain about everything we do but those same people never do anything to help out. It is so much easier to go around and criticize everything we do then to make an effort in something positive.

I may be biased but the cemetery is looking great. The public access at the beach is looking good and we have made several improvements to the Hall. The roads in our township are in much better shape than in the past and we are using a limited budget to get them all repaired. We have received numerous compliments on the condition of the roads.

We currently have a website; the public can get a schedule of events, meeting minutes and several downloads for ordinances and permits. There is a community tab which has several updates on the water/sewer project.

It is easy to get burned out in this position. I spend way too much time defending the board from false allegations, rumors and half-truths from the same couple of people. That time could be better spent on new projects to make our township better.

I have time left on my term, but I keep getting asked if I will run again. I think when the next election rolls around it will be time to make that decision and probably not before. I would like to get the Water sewer project complete and move on to other projects to make our Township more attractive to people looking for a place to live.

If nothing else this Board will have a forty-year legacy in that we were able to provide well needed water and sewer to the beach area. The talk of that project started in the late 80”s but it met with too many road blocks. We were able to overcome them and get the project moving forward. I do want to thank the residents that supported me and have made it worth the time spent.

Robert North Supervisor