Suspect arrested during alleged in-progress B&E

Police say man fought with deputies, was under influence of drugs


DEEP RIVER TWP. — Law enforcement officers say they stopped a breaking and entering in progress Sunday, Oct. 29, apprehending a suspect who allegedly fought with police in an attempt to avoid arrest.

Undersheriff Don McIntyre said the suspect, who was reportedly under the influence of drugs when police intervened, was found to be at a property on Pinnacle Drive in Deep River Township by a resident of the home.

“A resident advised she came home and there was someone in her shed, so she went next door and fled the scene,” he said. “The suspect had entered the house. Sheriff’s deputies and (Michigan Department of Natural Resources officers) entered the home with the homeowner’s permission.”

“At that time they located the suspect inside the house,” McIntyre said. “The suspect fought with deputies inside the home and was eventually taken into custody.”

The suspect reportedly had an outstanding injury prior to the alleged breaking and entering and after being arrested was transported to St. Mary’s of Michigan Standish Hospital to be treated. The suspect is still recovering from injuries sustained before and during the fight with police officers and has yet to be arraigned, McIntyre said.

Deputies and DNR officers who took the suspect into custody deserve credit, McIntyre said.

“In this case, the suspect, in this physical fight inside the house, he was trying to take his gun away from (a deputy), and they were able to subdue him without putting him in further danger,” he said. “They do a dangerous job and a lot of times the public doesn’t realize it.”

The alleged breaking and entering was reported around 11:08 a.m. Sunday.


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