December 19, 2018

But they're so cute


I have been accused of being a crazy cat lady, and even threatened that I will be one. I haven’t been too worried about it. After all, with more than a couple cats it becomes harder to shower love and affection on each one, so I’m not interested in “collecting.”

But then, accidents happen.

Strange orange cats come to lurk around your yard, preying on your young female cat’s innocence, before her special appointment with the vet comes around.

I can only thank the Lord that Heidi popped out a total litter of two. At first I thought it would only be one, as it was many hours before the second made its appearance. Apparently, according to petMD, it can take up to 42 hours for all the kittens to arrive. Poor mom.

I wasn’t as grateful that she decided to have them on my bed.

Of course, they were and are adorable. Watching them squirm around and squeal in their nest (they were soon relegated to a nest of blankets on the floor), seeing their little pink noses and paw pads, being there as they start to squint at you — it’s beautiful. You people who call them rats, you are heartless.

The differences in personality and development were quickly apparent. Big Sister, a beautiful gray calico, was a little ahead of the game, being more vocal and a bit more of a troublemaker. But Little Sister, black and white with a white moon on her back, was determined to stumble around on all four first. Still Little Sister, now christened Evie, has usually been the watcher, her wide eyes (which seem to be staying at a charcoal gray for now) curiously taking in her sister’s antics and me as I go about my business — I can only hope she’s learning how to cook or do laundry.

Greta the gray calico is energetic, and while Evie is too, she is ready for her nap sooner.

Except when they’re sleeping, both are terrors, and the last few days seem to have been worse. While I’d like to just cuddle them to death, they won’t stay still long enough. Lately I seem to be scolding them more than anything as they violate everything sacred within the house. My hearing has become attuned to which bumps and scratching noises are OK and which require me to come over and investigate. Thankfully it’s more about climbing the wrong things — they seem to have the potty issue down.

It doesn’t help that Heidi is still young and ends up tearing around with them, though at least they keep her busy while I’m away at work.

They are hilarious, and cute, and absolutely insane.

I can see where the “crazy” comes in, in the phrase “crazy cat lady.”

It’s not that the lady was crazy to begin with and decided to acquire several cats. The cats drove her to this craziness, and I just can’t see where this would lead her to want to acquire a larger number.

Your appointments are coming, kitties.


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