AGS utilizing 2 percent distribution for higher education opportunities


Au GRES — Au Gres-Sims school Superintendent Jeff Collier said the district uses funding from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe to provide its students dual-enrollment classes.

“Dual enrollment has been a huge piece of what we do at AGS for the last couple years,” Collier said. “For the tribe to continue to help facilitate the opportunity for our students to participate in dual-

enrollment opportunities is a game-changer for our students.”

Collier said students are able to take college-level courses on campus at Au Gres-Sims through a partnership with Alpena Community College. The course offerings vary, but Collier said when utilized the program sets students in line for an associate degree shortly after leaving high school.

“We are on a rotation that cycles through so students have the opportunity for diversity,” Collier said. “We also offer dual enrollment for students if they want to take a class elsewhere with another university.”

Collier said taking classes on campus decreases the amount of travel for students, while providing other benefits.

“We have the opportunity to provide a safe environment right here on our campus,” he said. “It takes away some of the anxiety they might have to go to a collegiate campus and work within those parameters.”

The money the district receives from the tribe is over and above what it receives from the state through its per-pupil foundation allowance. Collier said the difference helps offset the additional cost for dual enrollment, with programs costing the same per credit hour as college students would usually pay.

The benefit students receive by taking classes through ACC is an in-

district tuition rate, which wouldn’t be possible without the partnership.

According to Collier, another benefit is the school and college’s ability to work around each student’s schedule, so they are still able to take special classes such as band.

“What is really awesome is we will have kids graduating with 30-plus credits, and the students will head off with a year of college under their belt,” he said. “What an amazing gift to our community and what an amazing gift from the Saginaw tribe to help provide that.”

Collier said out of the eight operating high schools in the Bay-Arenac Intermediate School District, 85 students participated in dual enrollment, with one-third coming from AGS.

“Those are huge numbers,” he said. “What is really big to take a look at, is as ambassador of AGS, there is a misconception that bigger is always better. We are creating this incredible higher academic opportunity for our kids without them ever having to leave our school district.”


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