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Who won’t be going to AuGres the next two weekends?


It’s a big two weeks for the city of AuGres.

First on July 25 and 26, there is Rock and Roll Weekend – a two-day extravaganza of classic cars.

It includes one of the biggest car cruises in the state and events throughout the night and day to keep everyone, young and old, amused and interested.

In a tough time like this, the in flux of people in AuGres, whether they stay at the city’s campground or one of the local lodging businesses, it’s good news. A small city like AuGres needs some help, as do so many other cities and towns throughout Michigan. If a car cruise and car show can offer that help, then it’s a shame if county residents, especially those near the city of AuGres aren’t in attendance.

And don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks in the city, either.

The second of AuGres’ summer one-two punch comes on Aug. 1 as the Pirate Festival returns for its third year.

The buccaneer bash has grown and is expected to keep on growing, as young adults in AuGres took the reins ran with a new, fresh, hip idea that cashes in on the city’s vicinity to the water.

Children and adults will all be decked out in pirate garb, and even if you just go to watch someone tumble into the AuGres River during the raft race, it’s still worth a visit.

And don’t be afraid to spend a few bucks in the city, either.

With consecutive weekend celebrations, one focusing on muscle cars of the past, one cashing in on the contemporary cult fascination with pirates, the city of AuGres may be one of the most exciting places in Michigan for the next couple of weekends.

It’d be a shame if residents of Arenac County weren’t there to support the city.


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