Whitney/Baldwin drain tax bills error-ridden


WHITNEY — On Tuesday, Dec. 16, it was brought to the Arenac County Board of Commissioners attention the Whitney and Baldwin Drain tax bills were incorrect.

According to Arenac County Drain Commissioner Don Prueter, a glitch occurred somewhere within the two programs the county uses to evaluate its tax bills.

“Something is getting doubled somewhere,” Prueter said. “About 200 tax bills are affected by the error.

“It (computer program) doubled the principal payment somewhere.”

He says the exact error is unknown at this time and may take up to a few weeks to resolve.

“It’s sort of a situation where you have to go back and forth with both programs,” Prueter said in reference to fixing the calculation error. “It may take an hour to find or it might take three weeks. It’s anyone’s guess.”

He also says Baldwin and Whitney are the only long-term assessments in Arenac County.

A couple of solutions have been proposed to the county, Prueter says.

“The Spicer Group [the company currently installing Geographical Information Systems in Arenac County] has someone that could come right in and fix it but it would cost $6,000,” Prueter said. “We (Arenac County) also have a call into Gladwin right now.

“ The lady there has helped us out before. She’s checking her schedule, seeing what she can do.”

He says citizens in Arenac County should be patient and would be wise to wait a week or so to see where the county is at with resolving the matter.


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