February 13, 2016

What would I do without technology?

Posted 11/1/10


I have never thought of myself as a technology buff.

Sure, I enjoy my Xbox, and I love seeing the next big product that Apple has to offer every year, but I never really cared a ton about how these things worked. I just knew that they worked and that I enjoyed them.

Well, with all the crazy weather we had last week, I got taught a lesson about how much I need my technology.

When I work in West Branch, I like to stay at my family cabin, rather than drive all the way back to Bay City. I have been doing this since March.

Now our cabin is very comfortable. We have everything a person needs to be comfortable. There is a stove, microwave, shower and a television with a DVD player.

There is no cable or Internet there, but that is no big problem. I just plug in the Xbox or watch a movie most nights.

Well, last week all of that was taken away from me, thanks to good ol’ Mother Nature.

Now when I go to deer camp out in the middle of nowhere, it’s fine to be without the comforts of electricity and technology. But when I am home alone, let me tell you, it’s a major problem apparently.

I had two options, go home and spend the money on fuel, or stick it out. I chose to not spend the money on gas, because I am a little cheap, and stay.

Thank goodness I had my trusty cell phone, which had no bars because the cabin is very close to the middle of nowhere. But I was able to call my grandfather and father and get the generator hooked up with no trouble.

I had enough power for a little light and the television. But without that I would have gone crazy sitting there with nothing.

When I went to bed and turned everything off, it was extremely dark and very quiet.

With nothing but a flashlight and my cell phone, I went to bed. I thought to myself, “What have I become that I can’t live without my things?” I need my phone, and I really need my Xbox.

Then I thought that maybe it’s not just me; maybe all of us can’t live without technology. I have to use a computer every day. I hate cell phones, yet I use mine all the time.

What if someone just flipped the switch and turned everything off? Would you go crazy, or would you be able to suck it up?

I think I could manage, but it would be a challenge.

Some things I can do without. But don’t take away my Xbox.

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