February 7, 2016

What we're reading today: giant squids, new Ford jobs, and the flu


Here are some of the articles we're reading today:

- The BBC reports that astronomers have spotted the largest spiral galaxy known so far. It measures roughly 520,000 light-years from tip to tip. In contrast, our galaxy measures 100,000 light-years.

- CNN posted an article about how researchers have, after decades of trying, captured footage of a live giant squid in its habitat under the ocean waves. The footage is being used for documentaries for the Discovery Channel and for Japanese broadcaster NHK.

- MSNBC has an article about how the flu virus has spread this year, as well as the effectiveness of the vaccine against these particular strains.

- Finally, The Detroit Free Press reports that Ford Motor Co. wants to add 2,200 salaried jobs this year, primarily in Southeast Michigan.

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