February 9, 2016

What we're reading today: Gas prices go up for 32 days, Hagel's confirmation is imminent, downtown Detroit out-performing rest of city

Posted by Tim Barnum
Associate Editor Community News | news@ogemawherald.com


Gas prices have risen for 32 straight days. The continued price increases are due to several factors, including rises in the price of crude oil, refineries closing and unexpected maintenance costs.

Sen. John McCain says President Obama’s nominee for defense secretary, Chuck Hagel, is likely to be confirmed soon. Hagel’s nomination had been held up by a procedural filibuster.

A report says that the 7.2-square mile area of Detroit considered to be its “downtown” has more wealth, educated people and diversity than the city as a whole. The report also says per capita income in the downtown area is higher and vacant units are starting to be purchased more.

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