December 17, 2018
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Watch for buses, students


Commuters hitting the road to travel to and from work are about to be joined by a lot more vehicles.

School starts at our local districts Sept. 4, which means buses will be stopping along the shoulder and many high school students will be driving to school in the morning and home at night.

We want everyone to be safe and prepared as the roads get busier.

Remember to pay attention to buses when you see them on the roadway, and patiently heed the buses’ warning lights and stop signs. If this could possibly inconvenience you, we suggest leaving a little earlier for work. Most bus drivers will retract the stop sign and allow waiting cars to go around, so there’s no need to dangerously attempt to go around a waiting bus.

Also, don’t forget that many students will be driving themselves to school. Many young people often think they are invincible and speed or drive recklessly for various reasons. Seasoned drivers should be aware of this and drive defensively so as not to compound the problem.

Young people should also realize that while some of their friends may get a kick out of seeing them drive extremely fast and hazardously, it only takes a split second — a car pulling out in front of you, a deer in the road, a blown tire, etc. — for things to go south. We know you’ll be excited to get out of school each day, but home will be there even if you drive the speed limit.

If everyone practices common sense and is aware and cautious while driving, we’re confident the school year can be safe for all in the community. Please use discretion while driving.



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