Voters choose to recall SSC board members


STANDISH — All three Standish-Sterling school board members in the Standish-Sterling recall election received enough votes on the May 4 election to be considered for termination.

Canvassers will meet Wednesday afternoon to go over the election results, and the board members’ positions will only be terminated after all results are certified.

Brenda Golimbieski received 719 “yes” votes, which are in favor of her being recalled, and 598 votes opposed to being recalled, which are marked as "no" votes. Kim Koin received 766 “yes” votes and 552 “no” votes and Gary McFarland received 774 “yes” votes and 537 “no” votes.

The school board has to meet within 30 days to fill the positions. If they do not meet within the 30 days, Bay-Arenac ISD will fill the positions for Standish-Sterling.


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I am very happy to see the community has come together for the rights of our kids education. How important this election was and what we need to do now is come together and fix the issues that are causing our kids not to get the proper education they need. We are very fortunate school to have such wonderful and well educated teachers however, they can only accomplish so much when they themselves are overwhelmed with the larger class sizes and dissruptions they will recieve. It makes it hard for them and the kids to stay focus on what they are trying to teach and learn.. As far as the budget part I sure there will be ways for the board to come up a solution to get us back on track and make SSC the school it was before.

Thank you everyone for the support you have given to our children!!!!!

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