February 7, 2016

Volunteers gather at depot to plant trees

Tim Barnum
Volunteers shovel dirt around a freshly planted tree. Pictured clockwise from the front left are Randy Winslow, Dennis Bowles, Marv Schwab, Dawn Hughes, Rachel Anderson and Mark Winslow.
Tim Barnum
Dr. Ron Schwab uses his tractor to transport a tree to where it will be planted.
Tim Barnum
Marv Schwab shovels dirt around a tree.
Tim Barnum
Dawn Hughes, left, of ReLeaf, thanks the volunteers and sponsors.
Tim Barnum
Rachel Anderson scoops a shovelful of dirt.
Tim Barnum
Dennis Bowles demonstrates to the rest of the crew how to remove metal wires from the base of a tree.
Tim Barnum
Several trees are lined up and ready to be planted.

A handful of volunteers gathered at the Standish Historical Depot at 9 a.m. Nov. 1 to plant trees on the depot grounds. The trees were provided by ReLeaf Michigan,which provided $1,000 for the project. The Standish Downtown Development Authority also provided $1,000 for the trees. All of the trees planted were native to the area.

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