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Vandals take out mailboxes along Grove, Sterling Road


DEEP RIVER TOWNSHIP — Tuesday morning several residents of Deep River Township woke up to see smashed pumpkins and damaged mailboxes – the result of a string of vandalism the night before.

Sheriff James Mosciski said at least 10 mailboxes had been damaged after being hit with pumpkins.

“Some of them (mailboxes) are completely knocked off the post. Some of the posts are busted,” he said. “It looks like a crew of them went through with pumpkins and threw them at some mailboxes.”

He said the cases of vandalism, which were reported to Central Dispatch early Tuesday morning, will cost the owners of the damaged items around $20 for a new mailbox, and more for those which will need posts replaced.

Although there are no suspects, Mosciski said tire tracks were visible and can serve as evidence. He also said the county’s School Resource Officer is working to gain information on the acts of vandalism from Standish-Sterling Central High School.

Some cases of vandalism, which Mosciski said were of the same nature, also occurred in Arenac Township.

The instances of vandalism that were reported included homes in the 1700 block and 2000 block of Grove Road; the 2500 block, 3900 block and 4500 block of Sterling Road; and one incident was reported to have occurred in the 3100 block of Wyatt Road.


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