Valentine’s Day is stupid



What is the deal with Valentines Day anyway?

I have never really understood what the point was. According to Wikipeda, Valentine’s Day was established by Pope Gelasius I in 500 AD and later deleted from the Roman calendar of saints by Pope Paul VI.

So there is a religious history to this “day of love.” But other than that I believe that, this is a day full of baloney.

Someone once told me that Valentine’s Day is a day that makes single people feel more alone, and I have to agree.

Why in the heck should we celebrate doing nice things for our girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife once a year?

Shouldn’t that be something that we do every single day? I say enough is enough. I have had it with this day, and I am going on the attack.

People who are alone should not have a reason to feel more alone, and people who are together should not feel obligated to do something extravagant.

If you care about someone, you show them every day, not only on holidays, especially ones like Valentine’s Day or Sweetest Day.

Instead of celebrating this day, use it as a good example of how to treat the person that you care about.

Ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can for that special someone in your life. Wow, that last sentence sounded like one of those cheesy commercials about a diamond necklace. But seriously, try that.

It’s time to boycott this day and move on. Live life as you normally would. If you would normally go out to eat, then go, but not because St. Valentine says to.

Sorry that I have to cut this column short, but I have to go buy my girlfriend a card and a box of chocolates. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.


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Sure and while we are cancelling Valentine's Day let's cancel Christmas too. We should show that much love to our loved ones every day and not make all the people who cannot afford to buy nice presents feel bad. Don't forget that many people hate the holidays because it makes them feel bad. So let's not bother them either. Do you show your girlfriend the love she deserves every day... once a week... etc. Maybe you do. But why not take a step farther once a year on Valnetine's Day. Certainly that is not too much. It should not feel like an obligation. When I was single, Valentine's Day was not one of my favorite days. But now that I've been married for 20 years I can think back to those days and appreciate my wife even more.

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