February 14, 2016

VIDEO and PICS: Wacky Science

Tim Barnum
Volunteers holding cards representing astronomy (right), a physical science, and botany (left) - a life science, lend a hand to Dr. Science, who dons a detective jacket for this part of the show.
Tim Barnum
Dr. Science has the children focus on the spiral, and then after ten seconds, look at his nose. An optical illusion created by the spiral made it appear that his head was expanding.
Tim Barnum
Dr. Science, Doug Scheer, explains the four types of science - mathematical, physical, life and social.
Photos and Video by Tim Barnum
"Dr. Science," Doug Scheer performed his act, "Wacky Science," at the Mary Johnston Memorial Library on Thursday. It included a basic chemistry experiment describing acids and bases, optical illusions, explaining the four types of science, states of matter and more. The act, which was part of the Iosco-Arenac District Library's Summer Reading Program included plenty of audience participation.

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