Turner RC raceway gears up for racing season


TURNER TWP. — RC car enthusiasts will have the opportunity to test their equipment and skill against one another, as the Turner RC Raceway club prepares for its season opener July 22.

For the second year in a row, the oval-shaped track will be the battleground for racers to pit their RC cars against one another in three different classes, according to track owner Eric Blanchard.

Blanchard said one class is comprised of stock trucks, straight out of the box from hobby shops. The street stock class has more lenient rules, allowing owners to tweak the stock vehicles for races. In the late model class, which Blanchard said is popular with racing veterans, practically anything goes as far as car modifications.

“Whatever you can put in the car, you can run,” Blanchard said. “It’s a lot faster, and races are a lot closer.”

Setting all of these cars apart from the sort generally available at toy stores, Blanchard said, is that they are professional, hobby-grade cars, built or rebuilt to run on race tracks.

For the races themselves, the drivers will have a stand where they can operate their vehicles and try to outmaneuver each other. Blanchard said skill and properly equipping the car with a complementary battery and motor are the keys to victory in these races.

So far Blanchard is anticipating about 15 participants in the street stock class, eight people for the late model class, and an unknown number for the stock truck class. He added if someone is interested in getting into the hobby but has no vehicle, there are rental cars available for the races that people can come in and use.

“We have about 15 participants from the club,” Blanchard said. “Most guys have two cars that they run in two classes.”

He said races would take place every other Sunday through the end of September.

“We open up at noon for hot laps,” Blanchard said, which involves simply driving vehicles around the track without competing. “Qualifiers are at 1, and then the races begin at 2.”

Blanchard said if someone is interested in RC cars as a hobby, he and other members of the nonprofit club can help them get information on the different types of vehicle, where to get them and parts, and the rules for racing them.

Races are free for spectators to come in and watch at the raceway facility, Blanchard said, provided visitors sign a safety waiver in case of an accident. The club is insured through ROAR, the official RC car and truck racing sanctioning body, and each driver for the races pays $25 yearly for the insurance.

The raceway is located at 108 South St. in Turner Township, and Blanchard said if people want more information they can call him at 989-578-0171.



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