Trickle down effect hits the GOP on Election Day


Aren’t you happy I’m writing a column about the election?

Isn’t it great that after almost two years of hearing about the election that I’m going to drag it out for one more week?

Those questions, of course, were complete sarcasm. I know everyone is relieved it’s over, but read on anyways!

The Republican Party took a beating last week, and much of it was due to the infamous “trickle down” economic policy concept of the Bush administration.

But not only is the economy feeling the trickling, but the party as a whole suffered from the trickle down effect, especially in Michigan.

For example, dissatisfaction with Bush trickled down to several races nationally, as the Democratic Party gained the White House and added seats to the majority in the House and Senate that it established in 2006.

In my personal opinion, though, the trickle wasn’t plugged there. Many people are calling the Michigan Supreme Court Justice race an upset, as Diane Hathaway unseated Justice Cliff Taylor.

Is it any coincidence that the Michigan GOP was calling and asking voters to support Cliff Taylor when it would also call and ask them to support Bart Stupak’s opponent Tom Casperson? Trust me. This happened. I got the call.

I don’t think Taylor would have lost, honestly, if masses of people didn’t receive those calls. From what I perceived, not only was Taylor the incumbent, but he also had more television ads and more endorsements than Hathaway.

Isn’t Michigan Supreme Court Justice a non-partisan position anyways? That’s the part that really didn’t make sense to me.

That’s why I didn’t vote for Cliff Taylor.

But alas, the trickle down didn’t stop there. I can’t help but think, and I may be wrong, that the little “R” in parentheses didn’t hurt Road Commissioner Ken Stawowy and Drain Commissioner Donald Prueter at least a little bit.

That’s not to take away from either candidate that unset one of the two guys mentioned above, but seriously, you’ve got to wonder.

Now the Republicans are facing some tough issues. First off, they can’t just come right out and start attacking President-elect Barack Obama. If they do, and four years down the road people are saying they’re better off than now, the critics will be exposed and lose support from independent voters. Plus when a “change” candidate is what the voters elect, you don’t want to be remembered as the face that was standing in the way of change.

Also, let’s face it; the GOP needs to evolve when it comes to who’s in its party. Besides very rare circumstances both in Michigan (Tim Moore) and nationally (Sarah Palin), it almost seems that the qualifying credentials for the Republican Party are “You must be over 55. You must be a white male.”

Alright stop the bickering, like I said there are exceptions. Rare exceptions.

But if the GOP truly wants to have some success trickle down, it’s going to have to find some success first. And guess what, the “old white man” trump card has been pulled.

And if that’s the only politician in your party that people consider reliable enough to vote for, you can see what’s going to happen. It’s happening right now.

If it keeps up, and the GOP might as well be DOA.


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