Trash pickup approved in Clayton Township

Service expected to begin January 2014


CLAYTON TWP. — An ordinance to provide trash pickup to 140 residents in Clayton Township was approved by the township board during its Oct. 14 meeting.

Township Supervisor Raymond Daniels said the board will have to pass a resolution to adopt the ordinance in November.

“We had an ordinance drafted, and we accepted the draft of the ordinance,” he said. “Next meeting we’ve got to have a resolution, and basically the resolution is to adopt the ordinance.”

Daniels said the ordinance will supply trash pickup to residents on a volunteer basis, so only those who want the service will receive it. He said residents who have expressed interest in the service will receive invoices in December.

“We had 140 people that said they’re interested,” he said. “Those 140 people are the ones that will get an invoice sent to them in December. If anyone else is interested in that, they’ll need to contact us.”

“The township is going to be sending out invoices the first of December,” Daniels added. “Payment will be due back about mid-December.”

Four companies bid on providing trash collection, and Daniels said Republic was the low bidder for the service. He said people who receive trash collection will pay $135 annually. According to Daniels, many residents in the township already had trash pickup, but were paying much more to receive the service independently.

Barrels are expected to be set out for residents toward the end of the year, Daniels said.

“They plan to put the barrels out the last week of December, and their first pickup will be the first pickup of January, so the billing cycle will be Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of 2014,” he said.

The day of the week trash will be collected is currently not known, Daniels said.


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