Tractors drag the sled during fair tractor pulls

Tim Barnum
Priscilla "Sis" Williams of Raeford, NC, pumps her fist after seeing that she passed last her distance in last year's tractor pulls.
Tim Barnum
Hunter Preger of Standish focuses on his line during his run.
Tim Barnum
Joe Krzyzaniak of Pinconning tries to get every last inch during his pull as he attempts to pass his father's distance.
Tim Barnum
The crows reacts to a long pull by Joe Krzyzaniak.
Tim Barnum
Jacob Preger of Standish pulls the sled as the crowd looks on.
Tim Barnum
The tires on Bob Stagray's tractor come off the ground as his run comes to an end.
Tim Barnum
Parker Trombley tries to move the sled down the track.
Tim Barnum
Don Meihls of Sterling makes his run.
Tim Barnum
Timmy Restainer of Standish tries to get the sled down the track.
Tim Barnum
Jack Geiger of Beaverton tries to stay in control of his tractor when the wheels come off the ground.
Tim Barnum
The Sunrise Side Classic Tractor Club members line their tractors up for the National Anthem.
Tim Barnum
Matt Coughlin tries to get the sled moving.
Tim Barnum
Mike Krzyaniak shifts in his seat as he attempts to get the sled going.
Tim Barnum
Jim Heiple of Beaverton pulls the sled across the arena.

A large crowd turned out to watch tractor pulls at the Arenac County Fair Aug. 1. Tractors of various sizes hooked up to the sled and dragged it across the arena as spectators rooted drivers on. Later in the evening, trucks hooked up to the sled to give it a shot.


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