February 27, 2017

Township and city races set for Aug. 7 ballot

By Kevin Bunch
Staff Writer | news@arenacindependent.com
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ARENAC COUNTY — Townships throughout Arenac County are holding their primary elections alongside the countywide and state races Aug 7. Township residents will be able to make their voices heard for the positions of supervisor, clerk, treasurer, and for two trustee positions, as well as for their local county commissioner.

The primary ballot is split into the Republican and Democratic Party sections, and voters much choose one side of the ballot; they are not allowed to vote in both sections. Additionally, candidates facing no challengers in the opposing section effectively win the November election, barring write-in candidates.

For the five county commissioner races, candidates are running unopposed in each of their own districts. On the Democratic ticket, Robert Luce is running for the district 1 seat, Virginia Zygiel is running for the District 2 seat, Mike Snyder is running for the District 3 seat, and Jeff Trombley is running for the District 4 seat. Dave Munson is running on the Republican ticket for the District 5 seat.

As of press time all five commissioner candidates are unopposed in November. The winner of each district will take a seat at the commissioner table.

The cities of Au Gres, Omer, and Standish have no officials on the ballot.

Adams Township

The supervisor race in Adams Township will be decided in the Republican primary, where Daniel Fisk and incumbent Dena Hitz running for the position in the only contested race on either ballot. Meanwhile, Sally Mrozinski is unopposed for the clerk position, Lisa Meihls is unopposed for treasurer, as is Kevin McTaggart for trustee. Theodore Scheid is running unopposed on the Democratic primary for trustee.

Barring write-in challenges, everyone running for clerk, treasurer, and trustee have a clear path to victory in November. The winner of the supervisor race is not facing a challenger in November, either.

Arenac Township

In the Republican primary, Debra Rice is running unopposed for the treasurer position, with Supervisor James Daly and Clerk Cindy Halamar both running unopposed on the Democrat side. Also unopposed are two men in the trustee race: Allen Lee Osier on the Republican primary and Jack Daniels on the Democrat side.

All positions are unopposed in November at this time, as there are two trustee seats available.

Au Gres Township

Incumbent Michael Oxley is running unopposed for clerk in the Democratic primary, and Josephine Corey is running unopposed for treasurer on the Republican side. Connie Ostrander is running unopposed in the Republican trustee race, while Lane Urban and Gerald Willett are both running for trustee on the Democrat side. Since the position allows two people to move on in each party, however, all three will appear on the November ballot.

Oxley and Corey face no challengers in November at this time. As of press time no one has come forward to run in the supervisor race.

Clayton Township

Raymond Daniels is running unopposed for supervisor in the Republican primary, as is Ronald Klamerus for clerk and Shirley Burtch for treasurer. Three people appear on the Republican primary for trustee, however: Sandra Bowen, Victor Daniels Jr. and Byron Fogarasi. Only two can move on to November.

The winners of all the primary races in the township are running unopposed in November at this time.

Deep River Township

Deep River Township will decide the supervisor race in the August election, as incumbent Robert Budz going up against challenger Dawn Duval in the Democratic primary. Ann Marie Borushko is running for clerk on the Democrat primary, with Karlia Kroczaleski-Raymond running for clerk on the Republican primary side. Casey McBride Ex is running for treasurer in the Republican primary, with Carol Peistrack on the Democrat primary ballot for treasurer. In the Democratic race for trustee, Craig Potts and JoAnn Swartz are both running, while Matthew Stawowy is running on the Republican trustee primary race.

There is no challenger at this time for the November supervisor race. However, all other races will be contested at that time, as Borushko and Kroczaleski-Raymond battle for the clerk seat, Peistraack and McBride compete for the treasurer position, and Stawowy, Swartz, and Potts all vie for the two trustee seats.

Lincoln Township

All incumbents are running unopposed in their respective races. David Hertzberg is running in the Republican primary for supervisor, while Clerk Ardith Demo, Treasurer Judy Bell, and Trustees Marcella Ruszala and Noreen Walter are all are running for re-election on the Democratic primary ballot.

All of the races are uncontested in November at this time.

Mason Township

The supervisor race will narrow on the Republican ticket as Mark Heideman and Daniel Wellman are competing. Lillian McReady will be a write-in candidate on the Democratic section for supervisor, where she runs unopposed. Darlene Janish is running unopposed for clerk on the Democratic side, as is Shelly Everitt for treasurer. Paul Phelan and Randy Gates are running for trustee in the Democrat and Republican primaries, respectively, while Sandra Kolacz will run as a write-in on the Democrat trustee race.

McReady will face the winner of the Republican supervisor primary in November, while Phelan, Gates, and Kolacz will each compete for two trustee seats in November.

Moffatt Township

There are no contested races in the Moffatt Township primary election, as Lee Chard runs for supervisor in the Republican primary. Kim Spencer is running unopposed for clerk, Jody Wilga is running unopposed for treasurer, and Patrick Jedrzejczyk is running unopposed for constable, all on the Democratic ticket. Jack Dunn is on the Republican ticket for trustee, and Leonard Mezey Jr. is on the Democrat primary for the other trustee seat.

All races are unopposed in November at this time, as there are two trustee seats.

Sims Township

In the Republican primary, Robert Quackenbush and Charles Harwood are running against each other as write-in candidates for supervisor. Wanda Boley is running unopposed for clerk, and Grace Pichan for the treasurer position. Carol Diffin, Rod Francis, and Janis Howard are each running on the Republican side for the two trustee seats, and only two will move on to the general election. There are no township competitors on the Democratic primary.

All races are currently unopposed in November.

Standish Township

Standish Township has two people on the ballot, with four additional write-in candidates. Brandon Dickhausen is running for supervisor on the Democrat section, and Wayne Reetz is running for one of the two trustee seats on the Democrat section. For the write-in candidates, Sue Kohn is running in the Democratic primary for treasurer, Robert Louis North is running for supervisor in the Republican primary, Dale Raymond is running on the Democratic section for clerk, and Ronald J. Schwab is running for a trustee seat in the Republican primary.

North and Dickhausen will go head to head for the supervisor position in November, while everyone else will take their seat at that time barring additional write-in candidates.

Turner Township

Herbert Keeley running unopposed for supervisor on the Republican primary section. Also on the Republican side, Cathy Brooks is running unopposed for clerk, Denise Gates is running unopposed for treasurer, and Joseph Hollenbeck is running unopposed for trustee. Bill Kiernicki is running unopposed on the Democratic section for the second trustee seat.

None of these races are opposed in the November election, as there are two trustee seats open.

Whitney Township

Everyone on the Whitney Township ballot, save for County Commissioner Mike Snyder, is running on the Republican side of the ballot. Francis Semenick is running unopposed for supervisor, Linda Kauffman is running unopposed for clerk, Cindy Bodner is running unopposed for treasurer, and John Gordon and John Talaga are both running for the two trustee seats.

There are currently no challengers for these positions on the November ballot.



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