Three strikes, you’re out



Well that’s it. I have had it with the Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera.

I was infuriated when he pulled his little drinking stunt in 2009, and with his latest arrest last week, I am giving up on this clown.

He almost had all of us fooled too. When he put up monster numbers in 2010 and finished second in the American League MVP vote, I thought, allright, this is the guy the Tigers wanted all along.

Cabrera has superior talent and ability at the plate, and he proved that last season hitting 38 home runs, batting .328, and driving in 126 runs.

But in one fell swoop, all of that is forgotten.

It does not take a genius to figure out that if you get busted for drinking once and get off the hook, then you probably should not get in trouble again.

Yet, here he is. The face of the Tigers out driving around with his bottle of scotch, cussing at police officers.

Look at this guy’s rap sheet and it will tell you all you need to know. He is no face of a franchise. He is no team leader, and he sure is heck does not care about anyone but Miguel.

If the Tigers could, I would ship this guy out of town on the first flight out.

But the Tigers can’t do that. Cabrera is too valuable, and if the Tigers want to compete for the division title, they need a player like him to do it.

So what should the Tigers do? Unfortunately, they are stuck banking on this guy who, in one selfish bender, can affect the outcome of the entire season.

I don’t want to listen to all of the people on ESPN talk about how Cabrera has a problem. He does not have a problem, he just lacks common sense and discipline.

Anyone of age who wants to can go out and have a few drinks. The difference with most people, and people like Miguel Cabrera is that of common sense.

I don’t mind that Cabrera goes out and has a drink or two, but for goodness sake be smart about it. Don’t drive home. Get a ride. I mean this guy makes $20 million a year. He can’t hire someone to give him a ride home?

To show you how bright Cabrera really is, in 2009 when the Tigers were battling for the division title, he went out and got himself in trouble for drinking, leading to an altercation with his wife. The Tigers then lost the American League Central by one game to the Minnesota Twins.

I am not saying that was the cause of the Tigers losing, but these actions show you where his priorities are.

I really hope Cabrera can get it together, because it looks like he is at the plate with two strikes.


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