February 13, 2016

Three defendants in perjury case press charges against county

Several others being sought for damages as well

By Tim Barnum
Staff writer

ARENAC COUNTY — When the Board of Commissioners offered to reimburse Board Secretary Gail Seder, former commissioners Kenneth Kernstock and Amy Lynch and AuGres Township Clerk Charles Jerome’s attorney fees after the four were acquitted last year of perjury charges brought upon them by their former attorney Gary Rapp, all but Jerome refused the offer, which had a stipulation that they not pursue litigation against the county.

The refusal of the reimbursements, which had to be returned to the county by the former defendants by April of this year to receive the payments, must have been foreshadowing of events to come, since Lynch, Seder and Kernstock have all served the county with litigation papers.

To see more, please read the Nov. 12 issue of the Arenac Independent.

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