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Everyone who reads my column weekly knows that I love sports. I love to watch sports, read about sports, and talk about sports.

Athletics are the real world reality show. It’s about who has the guts to make the winning basket, or who has the will to fight for that extra yard.

Just over a week ago, during the Michigan High School Athletic Association football playoffs, I saw one of the best athletic contests I have ever seen. Kids in high school dueling it out like warriors.

My brother plays football for my hometown high school, and I had the chance to attend the game. Let me tell you, I am so glad I went. I learned more about life than I did football.

With their backs against the wall, my brother’s team went into the fourth quarter down seven points. It seemed like all hope was lost. But they were able to force three turnovers and get the ball in their possession with five minutes left.

They were able to drive down the field and get inside the opposition’s 10-yard line. But a bad snap left my brother’s team facing a fourth and goal from the 30-yard line with two minutes to go. It looked like they would go home without a victory, but a Hail Mary pass was caught for a touchdown that would lead to the first of two overtimes.

Again, facing a fourth and goal, the team scored a touchdown to send the game into a second overtime. But the game that seemed meant to be, would not be. My brother’s team would lose after an interception that was followed by a touchdown for the opposition.

But it was not the game itself that was so great, it was the way that the players played that captured my imagination.

Time after time they had the ball and could not score. Even after a number of opportunities kept presenting themselves. But they never quit, and they played hard right to the bitter end.

I am going to use this as an example to always fight. Even when my back is against the wall, I will always fight. If I make a mistake with the opportunities I am given, I want to fight and make it right.

It’s amazing what our youth can teach us about society. These young men were just playing a game, but the will they continued to show was that of a warrior.

I hope that these young men never hang their heads. We all should always keep our heads up, even in defeat. At least we didn’t sit and do nothing. We still battled.


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Love to here you like to discuss sports so much, but just wonder why some sports are never recognized as much as others or not even at all, re: soccer , swimming, dance ?

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