The final farewell: DOC employees say goodbye to Standish Max


STANDISH — The Standish Maximum Correctional Facility will be officially closed Oct. 31.

All remaining prisoners were shipped out of the facility Oct. 28 and employees remained for a few days afterward to clean the facility and remove any belongings inside the prison. Family and media tours were also offered during these days.

Corrections officers and other staff members received transfer and bump notices Oct. 15 and had until the 22nd to either accept the transfers or be laid off. A majority of the staff members who were not laid off were transferred to state facilities in Freeland and St. Louis.

The 19-year-old prison was slated to close by Governor Granholm and the Michigan Department of Corrections in June.

Prospects to open the prison up once again include taking in Pennsylvania inmates and federal prisoners, including Guantanamo Bay detainees. No official word on the level of interest at the federal level or from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections has been stated, currently.

Administrative Assistant Rebecca Bailey said a private security firm will be on detail inside the prison to monitor activities while it is vacant.


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Standish Max came into existance inspite of the crying and nashing of teeth from some uninformed individuals. It provided good employment for a lot of Arenac county residents. It will be missed as it should be. Hopefully, the uninformed politician of this state may get it together While I was not a resident of Arenac County at the time the prison was built I was an advocate. You might remember my picture in the Independent. Ha ha ha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009 | Report this

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