November 21, 2018

The art of useless classes


As I sat behind my computer waiting for inspiration for my column, I decided to leave and come back to it later.

Sure enough, five days later, I was still waiting for something to inspire me. Then while I was chatting with a friend at a volleyball game, we started talking about how useless some college classes are.

Then it hit me! Some of the classes you are required to take in college are useless! Why are we required to choose classes that have no affiliation with our majors whatsoever?

I thought on the idea a little more and on the way home from the game, started thinking about all the classes I took as a freshman and sophomore in college.

Maybe my situation is a little different than others, but I didn’t sign a major until I was in my second semester of my sophomore year. Up until that point I struggled as to which route I wanted to take. I went into college wanting to major in elementary education, then I saw how much trouble it was trying to get a job, and I quickly changed my mind.

Interior design, broadcasting, business management, or finance… haha yeah right. I loathe math!

I finally decided to major in parks and recreation. Yes, I said it. parks and recreation. I know what you’re thinking: “What can you do with that?” Well, truth is, I’m still figuring that one out.

Anyways, while on my journey through majors, I had to take Central Michigan’s required University Program classes. We had to pick one from each program and then two in another. (I think, it’s been a long time since I registered for those classes.)

I, not knowing what I wanted to do, chose to take several classes out of the University Programs hoping one would spark my interest.

Boy was I was wrong!

Soon I was sitting in Geography of Latin America, Music Appreciation and Art Appreciation. What am I going to do with knowing the Geography of Latin America?!

And I do appreciate art, but to sit through an hour and a half of classes talking about painters and looking at different types of art isn’t my cup of tea. The same goes for music. I enjoy it, but to study it? No thanks.

The best useless class, History and Appreciation of the Cinema, the only reason I took that class is because we watched movies 90 percent of the time.

Needless to say I soon found myself sitting through classes where we would teach icebreakers and learn to play other games.

A much better fit for me.

Now in all honesty we didn’t just play games, we learned how to write grants, plan events, program plan and market our program.

While I might have been enjoying my four years in college, I didn’t enjoy my first loan bill, six months later.

So I was faced with a choice, pay loans now or go back to school and rack up more debt.

You know what way I decided to go?

That’s right, I chose to rack up more debt.

I wasn’t finding a job in Recreation, so why not go back to school and make myself more marketable by getting a master’s degree?

Which brings me to now, here I am going back to get my master’s in sports management, racking up more debt and giving up my weekends to attend class.

You know what the worst part about getting my master’s is? You guessed it, giving up my weekends…

I’m halfway through my program as it is and as much as I want to just stop going, I can’t. But there are useless classes that we are required to take even at the master’s level.

For example, I just finished up my sports finance class… When am I ever going to need that?!



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