The Holiday Season is here too soon



Every Nov. 1 it’s the same thing.

Every store has their Christmas decorations up; ads are running on the television, radio, and newspapers telling people to get in for holiday bargains. And that awful Christmas music is playing on radio stations and in stores.


Sure the holiday season is fun, but come on. Do we really have to start doing all of this stuff in November?

It seems like every year Christmas preparation begins earlier and earlier. This year I went to a local grocery store to grab some groceries. I decided to swing by the entertainment section of the store, to look at some things that I wanted but can’t afford.

As I walked around the backside of the store, there he was staring at me — Santa Claus. I will never forget the day that I saw Christmas decorations earlier in the year than I ever had before, Oct. 21. Santa was one aisle away from all of the Halloween costumes.

I think that since we are going down the road of earlier Christmas anyway, we should just start putting the decorations back up on Jan. 1. And while we are at it, let’s have the music continue throughout the entire year.

The worst part about all of this early Christmas stuff is that I am a victim of getting my shopping started.

I used to wait until December to get all of my shopping done; I have already started getting gifts. I guess it is just easier.

Try as I may to ignore all of the Christmas stuff out there, it’s going to always be there every year, earlier than it was the year prior.

As I become older, I guess I will just fall in line like everyone else and accept the fact that November is the official start of Christmas.

The problem I face is that I am starting to enjoy the Christmas experience. I have always loved Christmas, just not in November.

The past couple weekends, and in my spare time, I have been picking up gifts and shopping for Christmas stuff.

Maybe Christmas has hooked me in. Well, I guess that I will just embrace it and enjoy everything about it.


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