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Talk about irony


I don’t want to tease or make light of the swine flu outbreak. I mean, it’s been confirmed in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Britain, Israel, New Zealand and Mexico, the latter where it has claimed 149 lives already.

Plus, possible cases have been reported in six more countries, mostly in Europe.

However, the irony of a swine flu pandemic spreading, after pandemic research, which was included in the original draft of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA), was called pork, is just too much to let fall by the way side.

Again, it is tragic, especially in New York, where last time I saw there were 20 confirmed cases.

Ironically, New York’s Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer called pandemic research in the stimulus package pork.

Swine flu pandemic, pork, do you see the connection here?

One of the Republican Senators instrumental in passing the package, Susan Collins of Maine, had actually been boasting about her efforts to get the pandemic research cut from the ARRA.

Oooooh, that’s not good for her.

And I’m sure Schumer and Collins weren’t the only ones dissing the pandemic research in the ARRA, I’m sure that they are just the ones who are bearing the blunt of the blow.

But, before we start hammering these two, whom I’m sure have their foots in their mouths, let’s be real.

No one expected this, and it probably wouldn’t have been prevented even if the research was included in the stimulus package.

No one saw this coming. It’s life.

You have to feel bad for Mexico, though, for three reasons.

One, you can’t travel there anymore since there are drug/gun wars pushing the country to the brink.

Two, you can’t drink the water there, due to the infamous “Montezuma’s Revenge,” or as we call it in America, diarrhea.

And three, you don’t want to eat the pork in Mexico, or maybe even in the U.S., due to the fear of the swine flu, or as I call it muerte por cerdo (death by pig).

*Side note, I know almost no Spanish, the Internet is a great translator, though.

Also, Mexico has to bear the brunt of some the above-mentioned irony, as the de facto Mexican independence holiday, Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, is approaching, but it seems Mexico is now being held hostage more than ever.

Not by Spain or Mexican traitors, as is the case with the observance of May 5, but now by drug dealers and gun runners, tainted water and muerte por cerdo.

Cue Alanis Morrissette.


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