February 5, 2016

Students visit dairy farm

James Kuch
Students from Arenac Eastern, AuGres-Sims, Standish and Sterling elementary schools gather outside of the West End Dairy Farm in Sterling.
James Kuch
Nathan Chambers of AuGres-Sims Elementary, signs a thank you card for the employees of West End Dairy.
James Kuch
Milk hauler Dick Lenton, talks to students about the milk hauling process.
James Kuch
Students look on as Dr. Ronald Schwab teaches them about the importance of veterinary services.
James Kuch
Dustin Richard, left, and Garrett Spurrier, right, of Sterling Elementary, walk past new born calf cages.
By James Kuch
News Editor | news@arenacindependent.com


Area fifth grade students visited the West End Dairy Farm in Sterling on Thursday, Sept. 22, to learn about how a dairy farm operates. Students were divided into eight separate stations where they learned about the feeding of cattle, ground water treatment, veterinary services and other aspects of farming cattle. The event was hosted by the Arenac Conservation District.

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