February 7, 2016

Sterling youth deals with life-changing incident

Family and Faith keep Tyler's spirits high

John Fischer
Tyler Adams, left, poses with his father, Scott Adams.
By John Fischer
Staff writer
STERLING — On what was supposed to be a normal boating trip this past August, 13 year old Sterling native Tyler Adams’ life would change forever.

While tubing with his father, Scott Adams, on Sage Lake in West Branch, the knot connecting the tube to the boat started to loosen. Trying to fix the knot, the rope tightened around Tyler’s left leg picking him up and tossing him some fifteen feet into the air. Immediately, Scott stopped the boat and rushed to Tyler’s side.

“He said ‘Dad, I think my leg’s broke,’” Scott said. “I looked at his leg and it didn’t look good.”

Not being able to receive a signal on his cell phone, Scott proceeded by rushing Tyler to the West Branch Regional Medical Center where he was then airlifted to a Detroit children’s hospital. Doctors worked on Tyler’s leg for two days as they tried to get the blood flowing again. In the end, there was nothing doctors could do to save it and notified Scott and Tyler that the leg would need to be amputated below the knee.

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