February 12, 2016

Standish resident authors fifth book


STANDISH — Al Fales, a Standish resident for more than 80 years, has completed his fifth book, which is part detective story, part romance.

The book, “The Zirondelle: The Catamaran Caper,” is a fictional story about the Drug Enforcement Agency trying to shut down a pipeline of Columbian cocaine making its way up the Mississippi River.

“I’ve been interested in boats for more than 80 years,” Fales said.

The boat in the story, a 50-foot catamaran, is based on a true boat built in Bay City.

Although the story is fictional, Fales said some of the information that inspired the story came from the people he talked to during his time in World War II. He said some things came from talking to a woman on a troop train in 1944, but the setting for his story is more modern.

Fales began writing the novel more than 10 years ago but put it aside and eventually wrote four other books before returning to this story.

Some of Fales’ books are true stories about his life or about Michigan. One book, “Flight from Gander: On Board a B-24 in the C.B.I.,” chronicles Fales’ life in the Army Air Force during World War II.

“We had 22 holes in our airplane,” Fales said, describing one story of having to fly 1,000 miles with only three working engines.

Fales also has a compilation of true stories about Michigan in his book “Hiawatha’s Highways,” which presents stories of how the lakes and rivers have played a role in the history of Michigan.

His other books include “Placebo: Pearl Harbor to Saigon” and “Evil Journey: Meth in Michigan to Death in California.”

Fales’ books can be found online through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and the publishing company, Xlibris.

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