January 20, 2019

Standish dealership survives GM cuts


STANDISH — The May 15 elimination of approximately 1,100 General Motors (GM) dealerships didn’t affect Richardson Chevrolet Buick in Standish.

“We’re fine,” said Richardson’s owner, Larry Richardson, adding the dealer cuts had been in he works over the past few weeks, but he was instructed that his lot would not be affected. “I guess you’re always concerned but I was told by GM that we were fine due to our capacity. We’ve got the right lines with Chevrolet and Buick and we’re in the right spot with Standish being a county seat.

“We sell over twice what they (GM) expect us to sell.”

Richardson says although GM’s problems have been taking center stage in the news media lately, his Standish dealership has plowed forward without major issues.

“It’s (media coverage) affected new car sales a little bit,” he said. “We’ve been selling more used cars than we ever have since we’ve been here.”

Richardson also says employees and customers alike have shown little to no concern over the dealership cuts.

And while GM’s decision to drop approximately 20-percent of its dealership base, with allegedly more dealership cuts to come, will cause even more job loss in the current recession, Richardson says there wasn’t much more that could be done for the good of GM.

“There are too many dealerships out there,” he said. “With or without GM forcing it, I think this would’ve happened sooner or later.”

He did add, though, that for business owners, being forced to stop selling GM products isn’t popular.

“In the last year there have been hundreds of dealerships that have went out of business,” Richardson said. “You hate to be forced in to anything.

“I still think GM in general will be fine,” he added. “I think GM will come out much stronger.”

Richardson Chevrolet Buick is located on the corner of M-76 and US-23.


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