Standish begins bike registration program



STANDISH — Bicycle owners in the city of Standish will have the opportunity to have more protection thanks to a new program being offered by the Standish Police Department.

Chief Mark Christian said the program will identify which bicycles belong to residents.

“Each person who registers there bike will receive a sticker with a serial number on it,” he said. “That information will be kept with the police department, so if we recover a missing or stolen bike, we will be able to get it back to the registered owner.”

Those looking to register their bicycle can do so at Standish City Hall, located at 399 E. Beaver Street in Standish. Christian said it costs $2 to register a bicycle.

Christian said when people register their bicycle, they will fill out an informational form and receive their sticker.

He said the program began as a result of a number of recovered bicycles being found over the past few years.

“I have a pole barn full of bike with no one to claim them right now,” he said. “We have found a number of bikes over the past year and we have no way of getting them back to the owner or knowing who the real owner is.”

Christian said he got the idea for the bicycle registration program from other, larger, cities in Michigan.

“This is something we see being done in larger cities and I feel like it would apply here,” he said.

Christian said the program will be a benefit to the city.

“Right now we are hoping to spread the word about this program through word of mouth,” he said. “Hopefully, now when we see someone who stole a bike, we will be able to prove that it does not belong to them and return it to its owner. They can’t just claim that it is their own.”


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