Standish backyards flooded from drainage issues


STANDISH — Since the piles and piles of snow dumped on Arenac County has melted away lately, residents of South Forest Street in the City of Standish experienced what has become yearly event – the practical loss of being able to use their backyards due to flooding.

“It happens whenever we get a lot of rain and whenever we get a lot of snow,” said Ronald Bouldin, a resident of one of five houses with a backyard almost completely covered in water. “We’ve learned to accept it and deal with it

“We don’t put anything in our backyard and anything we had in our backyard, we’ve moved up closer to the house and in the garage area.”

April Morse, another resident who has to put up with the flooding in her backyard, says during the winter her son, Deryk, 10, is pretty much couped up inside the house.

“He wanted to go outside just a couple of weeks ago and I said ‘Are you crazy you’ll break your neck,’” Morse said, adding that during days where the temperature dips below freezing after some snow has melted causes her backyard to be a sheet of ice. “He can’t play out there.”

Morse has even experienced a small bit of fear due to the ice, saying the ice cracked so loud at sometimes this year it sounded like gunshots going off in the city.

“I heard that noise, it happened twice, so I called the police,” she said.

Morse, who says she has lived in her current residence for about four years, also has a storage shed in her backyard that is completely off limits due to the water.

“I’m just waiting for the day for the shed to completely collapse,” she said.

However, Bouldin says he has contacted the city regarding the flooding.

Mike Moran, Standish City Manager, says some measures will be taken to cut down the flooding in Bouldin’s yard after reading his letter to the city.

“The problem was from construction of the road that was done in 1998, I believe,” Moran said. “It’s (water) supposed to flow to the storm sewer, and it’s not flowing.”

He added that he plans on assigning Standish Department of Public Works employees to round off a cement curb on either side of Bouldin’s driveway to get the water flowing into a storm sewer.

“Hopefully that’ll resolve the problem or else we’ll have to tear up the road,” Moran said.

Moran also says he has not received any other complaints regarding the flooding on South Forest Street.


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