Standish-Sterling wrestling coach sees 100th dual meet victory


STANDISH — Standish-Sterling's wrestling coach has set a new school record.

Following victories by the wrestling team at the Garber quad meet on Dec. 19, SSC’s wrestling coach Roy Morrison saw 100 dual meet victories so far in his four-year tenure as head coach.

Following the meet, he was awarded with a certificate highlighting his 100 victorious meets. The previous record was held by former coach Jim Hergott, who had 96 wins over six years.

“It was nice,” Morrison said. “It’s my win, but it’s really a team thing, and a reflection on how well the team can pull together.”

Morrison said he started working with the SSC wrestling team 17 years ago, when he joined on as an assistant coach after moving to Standish from Alpena. It was only four years ago that he was made head coach, leading the team to this point.

“I wanted to help out with the team,” he said. “My kids never participated in wrestling, so when I moved down here I went up to the school, asked if they had a program and met with the coach. I had a bit of experience from when I wrestled, and I’ve been doing it ever since. I’m doing it for the kids.”

Morrison himself wrestled through high school, and continued to do so on-base during his tenure with the U.S. Marine Corps, and he was able to bring that background and what he described as his “old school” coaching style to the team, which focuses on basic wrestling and instilling dedication and commitment into the team members.

Over the course of his time as head coach, the SSC wrestling team has not only won districts, but has been able to send wrestlers to the state finals — both things he hopes to repeat again this year.

Morrison, and his predecessor, Hergott, brought not only wins but stability to the SSC team, which went through 14 coaches over 17 years.

“For the first ten years I was here, there was a new (head) coach every year,” Morrison said.

“Every year I think will be my last year (coaching), but then a new prospect comes up that makes me want to stick with them and get them to the state finals,” he added. “It keeps me going.”


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